Who Is Danny Miranda And How Did He Get To This Point?

In this thread, you’re going to get an insight into my soul. I’m hesitant to post this because it’s raw. But when you’re nervous to do something… it usually results in growth. So here goes nothing…

At 8, I told a friend we should start a newspaper to take down The New York Times. So I opened up a Word document and started a quarterly newsletter called The Sunny Times. 11 subscribers at $5 an issue. Not bad.

At 13, I got into personal development. Started a blog on managing your time. Posted for two months before a comment got under my skin that “I should go out and play like a real kid.” I’m grateful for the comment. That person was right. I quit the blog.

At 15, I started a blog on the New York Knicks. I actually stuck with this one for 1-2 years. Was a lot of fun to build. My mom drove me to Media Day, where I interviewed NBA players (thank you mom!). Amar’e Stoudemire asked why I wasn’t in school (see below).


It was at this point that I realized school wasn’t for me. Most classes I took weren’t in alignment with who I wanted to be. Enjoyed Psychology/Social Studies/English… struggled through mostly everything else. But my parents wanted me to go to college.

So I went. Lots of partying, pushing off real life, getting lost in the proverbial sauce. Made some incredible friends, “you probably wouldn’t believe this story” memories, and had the time of my life. But still…

I looked in the mirror and wasn’t happy with what I saw. So in June 2017, I started lifting weights. “That’s not how a 22 year old man should look” was the exact thought that pushed me over the edge. So I did something about it. Got to work. And started building my body.

And this is where it gets interesting… Graduate college in May 2018 What am I going to do in life? Well, I didn’t want a traditional 9 to 5 job. So it was time to make some moves. Found @scotty_sss and @SCHM7DT on Twitter.

They were doing this thing called dropshipping, and that seemed like it was pretty cool. And I didn’t have to go to an office?! Sign me up. Went deep. Learned, ran ads, applied, started building relationships on Twitter.

By November 2018, I had a profitable ecommerce store. This was awesome. Things really started taking off by January 2019. Lot of fun. Launched my own course with a unique angle. Didn’t enjoy selling the course. Something felt “off” but it would be months before I realized…

In March 2019, I was hired by my two previously mentioned friends. Really cool to be able to work for them. Awesome guys. Eventually got to work alongside @thedulab and @kobegatsby as well. Legends.

In June 2019, moved out to San Diego. Damn, life was flowing. …Or so I thought. When I got out there, I quickly became depressed. I felt like a cog in a machine. Didn’t feel fulfilled with the work. So I quit in September 2019.

A week after quitting, started 75 HARD. Thankfully, I told @ComedicBizman about it and he did it with me. The program completely rewired my brain. Dropshipping conditioned me to think short term. 75 HARD (and listening to the MFCEO Project) made me think long term.

Started meditating at this time… 20 minutes in the morning. Didn’t know what it would do… but Tej suggested it so… why not? Started yoga too. Had to do two workouts a day for 75 HARD, figured it made sense for one of them to be a recovery workout. Life-changing.

When I finished the program, I had a new direction – I was going to be a personal trainer. The program elevated my standards for myself and let me know I could do what I needed to do.

A crazy number of synchronicities happened at this time. Old friends started texting me out of nowhere for personal training advice. The owner of the gym I was going to work at had completed 75 HARD the previous month – shoutout @matt_pallardy. Life was flowing again.

2020 was going to be awesome… Or so I thought. A friend from home visited San Diego in mid-January. We celebrated his arrival with a week long bender. When he left…

I got depressed again. By completing 75 HARD, I elevated my standards for what I would accept from myself. When I dipped below what I was capable of, it made me upset. Eventually, it put me in a massive tailspin.

So I tried to do 75 HARD to get me out of the funk. It didn’t work. Attempted it twice. Quit on Day 2 twice. Which made me even more depressed.


February 2020 was rough. Some days, I couldn’t get myself out of bed. Contemplated just ending it all. Looking back, it was a scary time. Came back to NY in late Feb. Saw a couple of therapists in early March. Got depressed even further watching the news re: corona…

And then made a realization: Quarantine was going to make or break me. I couldn’t control the situation, but I could control my reaction to it (GET BETTER / ANTIFRAGILE). This single realization put me back on the path.

*cue Rocky music*

So I started Phase 1 of the Live Hard Program on March 15. This time, I saw it all the way through. On Day 12 or 13 of the program, I posted my first post on http://dannymiranda.com. Then I made a commitment to myself: I will post 2x/week on my website for one year.

We were on our way back up. Shortly thereafter, I was awakened to my life’s purpose: To become the greatest version of myself and help others do the same. To make the world happier, healthier, and wiser.

In May, I launched a newsletter – Tuesday Treasure. In June, completed Phase 2 of the Live Hard Program while helping my brother start 75 HARD. Kept building. Kept stacking small wins every day. In July, I started practicing meditation with my grandma.

In August, went on a no technology solo retreat and started Phase 3 (right now!) while upholding all my previous commitments to myself. And now… we’re here! It’s been a hell of a journey. A real rollercoaster. And we’re really just getting started.

In September, we will be launching a podcast to talk to the smartest, kindest, most excellent people in the world. I’m finally making the 8-year-old version of myself proud. I’m listening to my inner voice. And executing.

The goal is to spread love. To pursue the highest version of myself. To help you do the same. The vibes have never been better. The intention has never been purer. The vision has never been clearer.

To your success,


PS Massive, massive thank you to everyone who has played any role in this development. Also, thank you to @LOGFITZ6 and @chriselamri for the inspiration on writing this up. I appreciate you all so much for reading. 🙂

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