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  1. Create your own journey. Follow the beat of your own drum. Following what someone else wants you to do will lead to resentment and regret. If you want to go for something, do it… life is too short.
  2. The journey is the reward. Your journey, the path from Point A to Point B, is quite literally the reward of life. Often times, people who reach the peak get depressed. We expect happiness from victory. And we do get happiness from it. But the real reward is the process of trying to achieve.
  3. Be open-minded, compassionate, and kind. When you embody these attributes, you’re open to new information. They foster growth. Being open to new information allows you to learn.
  4. Embrace learning. To learn is to grow. To learn is to improve. To learn is to expand one’s knowledge. Learning is difficult but always worth it.
  5. Consistency over perfection (hat tip Mike Vacanti). If you want to make progress on a goal, don’t wait until you have the perfect plan. Just start. Consistency leads to better results than perfection. Set a schedule. Stick to it.
  6. You can choose any action in this moment. You miss a workout. You fell off your diet plan. You took the wrong action in the last moment. Now you sulk over it in this moment. But you can use this moment to improve. If you can do that, you can shape your destiny any way you want.
  7. Spread love. To yourself and others. Show love to yourself, it’s the only person you’ve got. On the other side, who else would benefit from receiving your love? We don’t call the people we love because we think they already know we love them. But a reminder is nice. A reminder makes the world a brighter place. A little bit of light can go a long way.
  8. Dream bigger. There are so many options for what you can accomplish. By “bigger,” I simply mean anything that expands you. Lean into that which will help you gain new perspective, wisdom, and clarity. Dreaming bigger is about learning something new, going to a new place, doing something that isn’t “like” you.
  9. Transparency. Telling the truth is at the root of improvement. Because if you are not honest, you can’t change. Lying to ourselves makes us feel better in the moment but worse in the long-run.
  10. Become the best version of you. It’s my goal this website will help you become the best version of you. That’s the basis of all my work and my life’s mission: To help you become the best version of you.

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