Tuesday Treasure #8: infinite games, viral Michael Jordan, less effort + better results

Hello family!

I’m going to do something I’m hesitant to do: Share my goal for this newsletter.

The reason why is I love when my favorite creators are transparent about their own goals. It makes me feel like I’m a part of a bigger journey. Maybe it’ll be the same for you?

My goal is to get this newsletter to 1,000 members in the Tuesday Treasure family by the end of the year. Not just 1,000 people though. I want 1,000 of the most ambitious, intelligent individuals around. Basically… people like you.

I’ve already been blown away by the quality of people who subscribe to this newsletter, (a few will be covered below!)… so assuming like attracts like, we’ll be in good company.

We’re currently at 118, but if you send this to your most ambitious + intelligent friend they may enjoy it as well.

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Now, on to the treasure!

Infinite vs. Finite Games

My mom is an avid runner. But unlike almost every other avid runner I know, she has only entered into a handful of races. She’s never run a marathon and doesn’t have a desire to. She doesn’t optimize to run at a faster clip.

She’s a bit of an anomaly amongst runners.

For a long time, I had trouble figuring out why.

Then I discovered the concept of finite vs. infinite games.

What’s a finite game?

According to James Carse, author of Finite and Infinite Games, a finite game is one that ends.

If you’re playing for a game that ends, you optimize for an outcome that ends. Many runners are trying to compete in a 5K race or shed a few pounds for their upcoming vacation. Then, when the race is over or the vacation comes, they stop running.

What’s an infinite game?

It’s one that never ends. The goal for someone playing an infinite game is to keep playing.

That’s my mom. She’s running so she can keep running.

For example, my mom rarely runs more than five miles. She’s been doing this for decades.


She told me she picked up running seriously when she saw a study that said: “If you can run for 20 minutes straight, you have good heart health.” Sometimes, she even repeats “heart health” to herself during her runs as a mantra. She runs for her heart health, which means… She runs to keep running.

This doesn’t mean finite games have no value.

It just means we should also consider how we can play infinite games for the stuff we love and will benefit us.

Jordan Jamming Goes Viral

​The Internet allows incredible ideas to shine through at rapid speed.

Jared Gaon, one of those ambitious + intelligent Tuesday Treasure subscribers I was talking about before, was watching the last episode of The Last Dance (a documentary about Michael Jordan)… when he had a brilliant idea struck him.

Take a quick, 11-second video of Michael Jordan listening to his Walkman and put all types of different music on in the background.

He called it Jordan Jamming, and the account quickly amassed more than 50,000 followers and 20,000,000 impressions. Not bad for a new account, eh?

Jared wrote a post explaining his process, his mistakes, and what he learned. Highly recommended for anyone who has any interest in creating viral campaigns of their own.

When Less Effort Creates Better

We often believe we need to give it 100%. Sometimes, we even extend this metaphor.

“Don’t just give it 100%, give it 110%.”

And yet?

Sometimes taking our foot off the gas actually creates better outcomes.

There’s no better example of this than this post by Eugene Yan (another talented Tuesday Treasure subscriber): When Giving It Your 100% Gets You Less than 85%.

He wrote how since quarantine started, it’s been easy for him to work longer hours than ever before. No commute, quicker lunches, later nights. He’s giving it his all.

But what he found out was… I’ll let you check it out for yourself here. 😉

It Only Takes One

​Here’s something I’ve been thinking about recently:

There are 7.6 billion people in the world.

It only takes one to create a new invention, idea, or major change in society. Obviously all 7.6 billion people don’t have an equal chance to come up with major innovations and changes, but if you’re reading this… you have access to an incredible amount of free resources on the Internet.

One person can create a change for everybody. Meaning not everybody needs to understand how it works.

Of course, the Internet exists. Of course, phones exist. Of course, airplanes exist. After all… it only took one team or one person to create this massive change.

99.99% of people have no idea how the Internet, phones, or airplanes actually work (myself included!). And that’s okay. Because we can all benefit from one smart person or team.

This leads me to ask: what else will exist?

Probably something you or I could not imagine.


Because it only takes one person to create it.

What’s Happening In My World?

Yesterday was my birthday, and I received such nice messages from so many friends, family, and strangers on the Internet. I’m so grateful for it all and I’m looking forward to making my 25th trip around the sun the best one yet.

This past week I also published a tweet thread called 25 Lessons from 25 Trips Around The Sun which people seemed to enjoy as well as a new post called Embodying Love.

I was excited when I launched this site in March. Today, I am even more excited about the potential for the site, this newsletter, and life in general. I hope to spread that energy with you.

Let’s Talk On The Phone?

To spread this energy, I would also like to start having phone calls with Tuesday Treasure subscribers.

So if that interests you, and you want to talk on the phone about what you’re accomplishing, what’s keeping you up at night, and/or anything else… just respond to this email.

To your success,


P.S. As always, it would make my day if you responded to this email with your favorite piece of treasure this week. Feel free to introduce yourself too if you’re new here. I respond to every email and look forward to hearing from you! 🙂

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