Tuesday Treasure #3: Protests, mind-blowing fact, and life update

Hello family!

As a general rule, I don’t care about the news.

Most of it is noise.

But every once in a while, there is some important stuff you have to pay attention to. The signal that breaks through.

9/11. The 2008 market crash. And now, COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter protests.

So I will lead with two pieces of treasure from two Navy SEALs I both respect and admire.

David Goggins Goes Off

David Goggins is a former Navy SEAL. He’s black.

He spent 11 minutes and 21 seconds explaining his thoughts on the current protests and movement.

His point was that every time he’s been pushed down in society, it was because of a white man. He grew up in Indiana, where white students drew a black man hanging on his notebook. People graffitied his car with racial slurs. He was kicked out of a KFC for the color of his skin.

Conversely, every time he’s been brought up in society, it was because of a white man. He was allowed to go through Navy SEAL training three times (not allowed for most people). He trained a rich white guy (which became the book Living with a SEAL). His book was promoted on the biggest podcast in the United States, due to a white man.

What A WWI Battle Can Teach Us

Jocko Willink is also a former Navy SEAL. He’s white.

He spent eight minutes and 55 seconds telling a story about the Battle of Ypres. (I thought it was important enough to turn into a transcript, so you can read that here.)

About Germans and British soldiers who, for a moment, look at each other as human beings.

His point was that we are at a time in history right now where we need to attempt to be empathetic with our fellow human – even if they are on the opposite side of us.

As a protester or rioter, can you be compassionate with the police officer – understanding that she has people who love her?

As a police officer, can you be compassionate with the protester or rioter – understanding that she also has people who love her?

If you find yourself neither protester or police officer, can you be compassionate with the people on both sides who are out there risking their lives?

This Fact Totally Blew My Mind

Switching up from the news cycle a little bit…

I couldn’t believe this.

We typically see rainbows as arches. But from a higher vantage point, they look way different:

I mean, if you ask most people what a rainbow looks like, they’d tell you it’s an arch. We’ve known that since we were kids. We know it to be true and we can prove it. Because we see it.

And it is true, rainbows are arches, but only from one vantage point.

This question forces us to ask: What other truths or widely held beliefs do we have that when looked at from a different vantage point… are also true?

Is a rainbow a circle or an arch?

Well, it’s both. Depending on the angle you look at it from.

Connection Between Bill Cosby, Elizabeth Holmes, and Bernie Madoff

Bill Cosby, Elizabeth Holmes, and Bernie Madoff were symbols of success for decades.

Money, fame, accomplishments.

They had it all.

But all three of them are now in prison (or are going to be).

What can they teach us?

If it looks like someone is “winning” in this moment, it does not indicate they have employed a strategy that will be successful in the future.

Just like a poker game: The player with the most chips in his stack at any one point in time does not indicate he has been playing the game with the best strategy.

In fact, the player who has the most chips might indicate he has actually been playing with the riskiest strategy… meaning he is soon to bust.

This was the case for Cosby, Holmes, and Madoff – who all went down in flames.

What Am I Up To?

This situation has taught me it’s important to keep one eye on the broader world but also one eye on yourself.

If you get caught invested in the news, you might feel depressed/helpless. If you get caught invested in only yourself, you’re not going to be able to help shape the future you want to live in.

So, as a way to stay focused on myself (instead of spending too much time on the news), I started Phase 2 of the Live Hard Program.

For 30 days, I have to:

  • Take progress photo
  • Workout twice (one outside)
  • Drink 1 gallon of water
  • Read 10 pages
  • Follow a diet

I’m currently on Day 9.

I love being on this program because it keeps my body and mind accountable. It makes me a better person. It forces me to set (and hold) standards for myself.

I somehow convinced my younger brother to give 75 HARD a shot as well (which is the first part of the LIVE HARD Program), so I’m excited to see how he progresses through these next couple of months. The early indications are that he is happier, more focused, and better equipped to handle reality.

I believe it’s impossible not to grow when doing this program, so if you have any questions about it… simply respond below.

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As always, if you have any comments or concerns about anything in the newsletter, drop a reply below. I look forward to hearing from you!

To your success,


P.S. I published two new articles on the site – Consistency Is A Skill (last Thursday) and Clean The Pan (yesterday). If either of those sound interesting to you, feel free to give them a pass through. 🙂

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