Tuesday Treasure #15: archer, challenge, imaginary kids

Hey family!

Welcome to September.

Let’s make it an excellent month.

No time to waste… let’s get to the treasure!

The Armless Archer

Matt Stutzman was born without arms.

2009 was a rough year for him.

Father of two. No job. Unable to provide for his family.

He felt ashamed of himself.

He wanted to put food on the table. So he went out and hunted a deer (he’s from Kansas, after all).

This gave him some hope. It made him feel good. It was a small win.

From there, he realized how good archery made him feel. He started practicing with his bow-and-arrow.

Today, he is a world-class archer. He recently set a world record for longest accurate archery shot. He won a silver medal in the Paralympic Games in 2012.

What changed?

He made the choice to become better every day.

A Challenge For You

New Tuesday Treasure family member Jack introduced me to a video called The Perceptual Capacity of the Heart by Adyashanti.

The premise of the video:

“What if you spent an entire day encountering everyone and everything from your heart?”

Yes, it sounds cliche.

But if you actually do it?

It’s transformative.

Could you answer the phone with love? Could you smile at the next stranger you see? Could you do what your heart felt was right… for one whole day?

It’s an interesting experiment that could likely change our lives if applied daily.

Why Kindness Matters

As it turns out, Adyashanti’s experiment has recently been studied in the real world.

The question is: “Does it even matter if you say hello to a stranger?”

Well, it turns out it does.

new study came out that concluded you can improve a stranger’s subjective well-being by small, kind gestures:

“the present research showed that something as simple as saying ‘have a nice day’ or ‘take care’ to a stranger is linked with greater subjective well-being…minimal social interactions with strangers contribute to subjective well-being in everyday life.”

Filed For My Imaginary Kids

Parents usually get mad when people who don’t have children tell them how to do their job.

Tuesday Treasure subscriber Shelby Smith is not a parent.

Yet, her friends who are expecting asked for her advice on how to raise their little human.

After reading her article, I can understand why.

It’s really good advice.

Here were some of my takeaways, but you should definitely check out the article for yourself…

  • Parents should be a unit. They must be on the same page and act as a team.
  • Hold strategy meetings. Meet with child twice a month to discuss the child’s concerns, performance, and strategy about how you’re parenting.
  • When your child asks a question, respond with a question to help them figure out the answer on their own. This will help the child develop the habit of seeking truth rather than “being right.”

(This article inspired me to keep a file of articles and resources “for my kids” – who are currently imaginary.)

Conor McGregor’s Iron Mindset

Conor McGregor has achieved incredible success in the past decade.

But what did he say before he was one the most recognized names in sports?

I found an interview from 2012 that spills his secrets (age 24):

Q: What do you want to be?

A: I don’t want to be anything. I am everything I want to be. And I’m already there. I don’t want anything. People say, “I want to do this or I want to do that.“ But the vibe you’re putting out is “want.” You’re always going to want. I always have the attitude that I have. I always felt like I was the black belt. I always felt like I was the world champ… I don’t want everything. I have everything.

What if you acted and operated as if you already had what you desired? Not from a place of lack but a place of knowing it was already yours?

If you want to learn more about Conor’s toolkit for success, check out this article I published yesterday.

Introducing: The 75 HARD Group

If you’ve followed me for anytime, you know 75 HARD changed my life.

And so this past week, I thought…

“I would love to do 75 HARD with a community. I wonder if anyone would join me?”

So I put that out on Twitter.

As it turns out, there were a lot of people who were game.

There is now a Slack group with more than 50 people. Many of us are starting the program on September 18, but a few have started before.

If you want to be involved or want more information, just reply to this email!

As always, it’d mean the world to me if you hit reply and told me about your favorite piece of Treasure this week.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

To your success,


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