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This past week I published an article called The System Is Stronger Than Me (And Why I’m Using Roam) and a thread on Twitter called 9 skills to learn (with recommended resources).

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Favorite Book From 2020?

Tuesday Treasure reader Hunter Weiss recommended two books: Conscious Living by Gay Hendricks and Resilience by Eric Greitens.

Neither has disappointed.

Together, they perfectly encapsulate my Warrior Monk ethos – act with the aggression of a warrior and the compassion of a monk.

I finished Resilience a month or two ago, but just got around to typing up my notes. The book is pure wisdom from a former Navy SEAL, Rhodes Scholar, and Governor of Missouri… and most certainly worth the read.

(I’m trying to have some compassion for myself for having a typo in the first tweet of this thread. 🤦‍♂️)

An Easy System For Remembering Anything

I go on a lot of walks without my phone.

Walks are great for insights and creativity, but sometimes I have trouble recalling everything I think about.

So, I’ve recently come up with a new system…

Link each thought to a hand symbol.

For example, say you have a thought about “becoming the greatest version of yourself,” link it to a thumbs up. Another thought could be about kindness, so you can link it to the index and middle finger (peace sign).

You can then transcribe your thoughts when you have a free moment by looking at your hand.

Maybe this will be useful for you too?

Ernest Shackleton’s Help Wanted Ad

In 1914, Ernest Shackleton set out to go to Antarctica. But he needed a team for his expedition. So he put the following ad in a London paper:

“Men wanted for hazardous journey. Low wages, bitter cold, long hours of complete darkness. Safe return doubtful. Honor and recognition in the event of success.”

I highlight this because it struck me as remarkably similar to another journey we all go on…


In life, you will likely face adversity (“low wages, bitter cold”). You will often be working with no idea whether what you are doing will succeed (“long hours of complete darkness”). You likely won’t be able to come back (“safe return doubtful”).

But in the event it all works out?

“Honor and recognition” awaits.

How To Be A Powerful Person

One story from the previously mentioned Resilience

Eric Greitens was near Rwanda on a mission when he met a 16-year-old boy, who was the clear leader of a group of fifteen other boys.

Greitens asked the leader about those in his group.

The leader went one by one pointing to each boy…

“He is powerful with making fire and cooking.”

“He is powerful with the soldiers from Zaire – they like him.”

“He is powerful with singing.”

And in that moment?

It struck Greitens…

The true mark of a powerful person was the ability to recognize the power in everyone else.

Rolling With The Punches

A lot of people think “rolling with the punches” means to keep going through hardship.

But the term actually comes from boxing.

It means to move your body as you’re getting punched – to literally roll your body with the punch… so it hurts less.

Take, Mat Kearney, for example.

Kearney is a musician.

(I’ve been listening to his song “Money” a lot, so I looked into his background.)

It turns out his birth name is Mathew. Not a typo. His name legally only has one “t”.


The nurse made a mistake on his birth certificate.

Mat got “punched”.

Instead of getting mad or trying to change his name (what most people probably would have done)?

He just owned it… and started going by “Mat.”

How can you use this?

Think to yourself, “Is there something I can’t change but can reframe to help instead of hurt me?”

Launching A Podcast!

In early/mid September, I will officially be launching The Danny Miranda Podcast. Although the launch date is coming soon, I have already recorded the first two episodes and will be recording the third one today.

Would love to hear if you’re as excited about this project as I am! Let me know by replying. 🙂

If you have any requests for potential guests, drop ’em below.

This newsletter consistently remains something that brings me incredible joy to compile and send to you every week – your replies and comments are my oxygen!

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