Tuesday Treasure #10: meditation, compliments, kindness

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For The Perpetual Worry-Warts

Yesterday, I transcribed the opening monologue to a brilliant video titled “For People Who Worry A Lot” by Joe Delaney.

The questions he asks in the video are profound and worth considering (no matter if you consider yourself a worrier or not):

What are you thinking about when your mind drifts? Can you feel present? Can you appreciate the little things? How comfortable do you feel when there is no distraction? And how do you think about the future?

Joe makes the argument that worrying leads you to answer those questions negatively – which then hurts your quality of life.

Meditation and Heart Health

One way to become less of a worrier?


Tuesday Treasure readers Aunt Tara and Aunt Dede (my aunts really know me well) sent me an article that discussed the link between meditation and heart health.

After controlling for age, sex, B.M.I., marital status, smoking, sleep duration and depression, they found that meditating was associated with a 35 percent lower risk of high cholesterol, a 14 percent lower risk of high blood pressure, a 30 percent lower risk of diabetes, a 24 percent lower risk of stroke and a 49 percent lower risk of coronary artery disease.

Pretty strong evidence from a 61,267 person survey.

Meditation has helped change my life and I’m confident it can aid yours as well. No matter your age or your situation, it’s never too late to start.

(Never meditated before or don’t know how to do it? Set a timer for 15 minutes. Pay attention to your breath. When your mind wanders, simply note it, and come back to the breath. Let me know how it goes.)

Compliments and Criticism

Tuesday Treasure reader Michael McGill passed along an interesting article by one of my favorite authors – Derek Sivers – that succinctly demonstrates a skill I’ve tried to cultivate for more than a year: the ability to be unaffected by compliments or criticism.

That might sound a bit odd.

Let me explain…

If a compliment makes your day, you are at the mercy of it. If criticism ruins your day, you will avoid it at all costs.

In both situations, you are letting other people’s perceptions of you alter your perception of yourself.

In addition, compliments are often thought of as positive, but if it boosts your ego leading to blind spots… is it really good?

Criticism is often thought of as negative, but if it helps you solve a problem you didn’t know you had… is it really bad?

Both compliments and criticism can be beneficial and detrimental.

So what’s the solution?

For me, it’s been to put some space between myself and the comment (meditation has helped with that).

The Best Way To Take A Compliment

Speaking of compliments…

Derek Sivers also taught me how to take a compliment a few years back that I’ve been incredibly grateful for.

What’s the best way to take a compliment?

It’s simply to say, “Thank you.”


Our initial inclination may be to downplay what the other person is commenting about or expand about our own success.

But to simply say “thank you” shows you are grateful without minimizing the kind words.

Kindness Is The Answer

Twitter follower Giorgio sent along an article called “Be Kind. Little Else Matters.” by Jordan Bates, which discussed an important truth:

If you did nothing but practice kindness your entire life—if you knew almost nothing else—that would be okay.

When the world seems to get overwhelming… when the problems begin to pile up… when you aren’t sure what to do next…

Just ask yourself:

Can I be kind in this moment?

Sometimes it’s kindness is to yourself. Maybe you need to forgive yourself for previous mistakes.

Sometimes it’s kindness is to others. Maybe you need to tell someone how much you love them.

If kindness is our guiding light, the world may shine just a little bit brighter.

Consistent To A Fault?

Ali Abdaal sent out an issue of his newsletter for more than two years in a row (117 straight).

Then, he was challenged by his friend: don’t send out an issue this week. See what happens.

At first, Ali resisted. If he didn’t send out a newsletter every week, he might just quit writing and stop sending out newsletters and Satan might burn him up in a huge pit of fire.

But he hesitantly gave it a try.

And he realized nothing happened.

He didn’t lose his readers. He didn’t stop writing. He didn’t burn in the fire.

Nothing bad happened at all.

He actually felt refreshed.

Consistency is an amazing tool for building something. But once it’s already built, it’s okay to take an off day. It’s okay to let yourself breathe. It’s okay to smell the roses.

You may even gain a new perspective.

And then?

Get right back on the horse.

Crazy to think this is the tenth (!!) newsletter. Time flies. Here’s to 100 more.

As always, reply back with your favorite piece of treasure. Or, if you’re new here, feel free to introduce yourself. Looking forward to hearing from you. (I respond to every email! 🙂

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