Tuesday Treasure #1: Psychedelics, how to be great, billion dollar business idea?

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Without further ado…

Did psychedelics create the tech revolution?

Many people are aware Steve Jobs used psychedelics, but did you also know the inventor of e-mail, the computer mouse, and videoconferencing (Doug Engelbart) was a participant in LSD test trials in the 60s?

“I have no doubt that all that Hubbard LSD all of us had taken had a big effect on the birth of Silicon Valley,” said one engineer.

This is from How to Change Your Mind (not an affiliate link) by Michael Pollan. The book blew my mind. It’s about how psychedelics can help not only those with depression, alcoholism, and cancer, but also healthy people as well. Worth a read.

What it takes to be great

Howard Stern said he willed his way to success in the radio business. Then Jerry Seinfeld corrected him:

“That was not will. What you were using, what Michael Jordan uses, and what I’ve used is not will. It’s love. When you love something, it’s a bottomless pool of energy. That’s where the energy comes from. But you have to love it. Sincerely. Not because you’re going to make money from it or you’re going to be famous or get whatever you want to get. When you do it because you love it, then you can find yourself moving up and get to be really good at it.”

Applies to just about any pursuit.

Neil Strauss’ three-step editing process

Neil Strauss has a specific editing process that’s helped him author seven New York Times bestsellers.

  • The first time he edits his writing… It’s for himself.
  • The second time… For his readers.
  • The third time… For his critics.

This three step method is simple, easy to remember, and can be used by just about anyone who writes. Maybe try it out?

Random (potentially awful, potentially genius) business idea

Why do the majority of brick and mortar businesses have storefront signs they can’t change? Why aren’t they electronic? If they could change their signs quickly, they would be able to update their logo, slogan, and offer new deals. It would also mean if they ever ended their lease, the next tenant wouldn’t have to invest in new signage. Am I on to something or just plain crazy?

Forget the external, focus on the internal

You don’t need money to make an impact. You don’t need knowledge. You don’t need to look a certain way.

These are external.

Focus on spreading love. Improving yourself. Enjoying the present moment.

These are internal.

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