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  • Vivek shocked by people’s loneliness – no family/friends or people to care for them when checking into hospital/dying 
  • If you ask people their top priority is, they would likely say a person. But if you look at what society tells us is most important: all about your ability to acquire wealth, power, reputation/fame. But in reality what gives us the greatest joy and fulfillment in life is actually our relationships.
  • When this doctor was talking to people at end of their life, a lot of what was talked about in those final days was not the promotions they received or how big their bonuses were. They didn’t talk about how many followers they had on Instagram or the number of friends they had. They talked about the quality of their relationships. They talked about the people they loved. They talked about the people they wish they spent more time with. They talked about the joy the people in their life brought them.
  • Why is talking to someone on their final days insightful? Because it strips down a lot of the facades.
  • Relates workplace to a family. People help each in other in a family because they feel a sense of commitment to one another
  • Five minute exercise – once a week, one person shares photos unrelated to work for 5 minutes brought everyone closer together
  • A real friend is someone who reminds you of who you are even when you forget.
  • Emotions are a power, not a weakness
  • How can you translate your negative AND positive emotions into positive actions?

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