The Tim Ferriss Show with Brian Koppelman (#424)

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  • Expand yourself. Do work that expands yourself.
  • How to expand yourself? FEEDBACK.
  • Reach out for feedback to actually improve (and expand yourself).
  • Feedback = growth.
  • On feedback: Prepare yourself mentally. It might hurt. But that feedback allows you to understand to iterate the next thing.
  • Meditation and journaling have helped Brian Koppelman
  • Brian describes getting harsh feedback as 12 hours of rage, denial (reminds me of ego death)
  • If someone is finished with a project, the best feedback you can typically give them is “Congrats for shipping.”
  • We all have a responsibility, if we can, to protect the feelings of those we’re interacting with. There’s a way to get your point across without being an asshole.
  • Momentum and inertia are counterforces
  • Great conversation on being stuck
  • It’s amazing how much more time you have than you think you have
  • Koppelman made a commitment that he was going to see this therapist once a week for a year. This commitment helped get him unstuck and made him all in on his journey
  • Why sharing your story is beneficial: other people will benefit from seeing you go through your creative process
  • Brian Koppelman’s Favorite Resources on Process: Making Movies by Sidney Lumet, What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami (“stunning short book on how to live as an artist”)
  • One of Tim favorite movie: Arrival

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