The Disadvantage of Talent

We often think of talent as a good thing.

But talent comes with a price: we take it for granted. It coaxes us into believing we don’t need to work. Often, we are gifted this talent. So we don’t come to appreciate it.

The problem with talent is that over a long enough timescale, when someone has worked hard enough, they beat us.

I love the stories of Navy SEALs.

They all say the same thing…

“You know, before we went through BUD/S there were a bunch of dudes who looked like studs. Olympians, incredible athletes. We thought they were going to be SEALs for sure. But they were the first ones to drop out.”


Because all their lives those guys relied on their talent. But Navy SEAL training isn’t designed to test your natural abilities or talent (from what I’ve read, not experienced). It’s designed to test your grit.

Life seems a lot like that.

Some people are born more talented than others. 

And yes, eventually talent wins. 

But the fallacy is believing you can’t increase your talent.

In most areas, you can become world class by simply sticking with something long enough.

The disadvantage of talent is that over a long enough timescale… it loses.

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