The Best $13 Purchase I’ve Ever Made

Tim Ferriss often asks guests: “What’s the best purchase you’ve made for $100 or less?”

It’s a clever little question because he’s looking for a tool, service, or resource that can help almost anyone.

For me, the answer is obvious.

It’s a timer (not an affiliate link).

The timer serves three main functions:

  1. Meditation
  2. Cold showers
  3. A trigger for meditation and cold showers

Let me explain…

My days begin in the morning. I’ll wake up, rinse off, and see the timer on my dresser. When I see the timer, I immediately think of meditation. So I grab it and set it for between 45 and 60 minutes, and start.

People often ask, how do you meditate 60 minutes every morning?

It’s simple: the trigger is there. It’s not a decision I have to make.

Here’s what happens when we pull out our phones: We scroll. We check our notifications. We get distracted. Or at least I do.

So by having my phone in a different room – and relying on the timer – I get rid of the downtime.

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