The 50 Mile Run: How Hunter Weiss Created His Own Finish Line

Hunter running in the 2019 Phuket Marathon in Thailand.

Hunter Weiss made a peculiar promise with himself during his senior year of college…

For however many drinks he had in a given night, he would have to run the same number of miles the following day.


How many students would do that?

So, is it any surprise that the same Hunter Weiss, just a few years after making that agreement, ran 50 miles in a single day for no reason to test his own physical and mental capacities?

This is his story.

Who exactly is Hunter Weiss?

Hunter graduated from the University of Arizona in 2019. Shortly thereafter, he landed a job with the NFL as a video editor. Some of the biggest stars in the sport have published his work (like Russell Wilson, Ezekiel Elliot, Kyler Murray, and Nick Bosa).

Then, Hunter published a video called “Venice Skate Park vs LA COVID Social Distancing” on April 18. Little did he know what would happen next. The footage of tractors filling the Venice Skate Park with sand was seen over 50+ million times (including more than 7 million views on Twitter alone). Casey Neistat tweeted about it. Oh, and the President too.

But Hunter isn’t just a filmmaker.

He’s also a dedicated runner. He decided in 2020 he would run one marathon every month. (Why? Because he wanted to see how far he could push himself.)

Hunter tweets about filmmaking, becoming the greatest version of yourself, and, of course, running. This has led to Hunter building a following on Twitter.

It was midnight on June 26, 2020. Hunter couldn’t sleep. 

His mind was racing. Soon, he would be. The following morning was supposed to be his big day. It was supposed to be his sixth marathon of 2020.

But this wasn’t going to be just another marathon. This one was special.

His plan?

He would run until he couldn’t run any further.

This was the day he had been preparing for since he started long-distance running – a culmination of all his training, his previous marathons, and his sacrifices. How far would his body and mind hold up? He had no idea. But he would soon find out.

As is normal for a runner before a big race, he was having trouble sleeping.

Hunter tossed and turned and decided he would just push off the run until the following day. So, he changed his alarm from 6 a.m. to 7:30 a.m.

When he woke up, though, his phone flashed the time to him.

6:05 a.m.

This was a sign.

He would run today.

Hunter ate his prerace meal and headed to Fiesta Island. This would be Hunter’s home for the next… however long he could run. It was a four-mile loop, situated in sunny San Diego. Ideal for a long day of running with no end in sight.

The weather was a beautiful 65°F. The birds were chirping. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

He would not get a medal or trophy for what he was about to do. And there was nobody around to cheer him on.

Hunter Weiss was going to run his own race today. No arbitrary finish line would determine when he would stop. His body, mind, and spirit would be responsible for that.

At 7:23 a.m., Hunter plugged in his AirPods and got to work.

Hunter’s initial goal on June 26, 2020, was to run for 36 miles.

He ran for the first 18 miles without stopping for water.

Then, the angel and devil appeared on his shoulders. The devil told him today wasn’t his day, that he was sore and tired. The angel told him to keep going.

Eventually, the angel won the battle.

When he crossed the 26.2-mile milestone, he was in uncharted territory. Hunter started to post about his journey on Twitter.

“Mile 30 was a 7:37 mile”.

“Mile 33 – body breaking down mind still hungry”.

At mile 36, he called his dad. “Hey Dad, I’m going to keep going.” OK son, just make sure to keep putting one foot after the other.

At mile 38, he called his mom. “Hey Mom, I’ve got more left in the tank.” She requested a phone call when he got to the finish line – whenever that may be.

Let’s take a moment to imagine this.

In a world where everyone is seeking a trophy, everyone wants to be the superstar of a big race, Hunter Weiss was creating his own race.

And he was getting the people on Twitter going. Messages poured in from all over the world, cheering him on.

“Keep pushing!”

“Go go go!”


Not a single soul was by his side, but Hunter’s tribe was there with him.

Mile 47. Tears started pouring down his face. He had pushed his body and mind to the limits, and he was on the cusp of a half-century of running.

Mile 50. Joy, elation, and the realization of a dream. His greatest athletic achievement to date.

In sum, Hunter burned 4,520 calories. An average heart rate of 141 bpm over eight hours and 54 minutes, at a 9:11 mile pace. Seven hours, 42 minutes of running time.

But he learned something that couldn’t be found on a screen.

He could push his body and mind past his expectations by setting his own finish line.

Hunter Weiss subscribes to Tuesday Treasure to feed his mind every week. Maybe you’ll enjoy the same?

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