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  • The book Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines changed the course of his life. Dan Brown was originally a biology student – took an Eastern spirituality last semester of college
  • Digital Dharma documentary worth checking out
  • What is Awakening? It’s always right here. It is an infinitely limitless field of brilliantly lucid knowing awareness love and we don’t directly perceive or operate out of it because it’s clouded over by all the structures of mind that we get caught up in. The metaphor is the Sun. When the clouds part and the sun comes out, we say “The sun came out.” Is that correct? No. The sun is always shining day and night. We just couldn’t see it before. It’s clouded over by thought. It’s clouded over by the sense of self. It’s clouded over by constructions about time. It’s clouded over by how we localize consciousness.
  • First we get caught up in thought all the time. We spend over half of our waking life caught up in thought and lost in thought. However there are long periods when you are absent of all thought activity. Where are you operating out of if you’re not operating out of thought? You backend your way into realizing your operating out of the Field of Awareness.
  • When you go beyond thought, time, sense of self… and enter into the field of all-knowing, that’s Awakening.
  • As soon as you’ve made it into a “thing” or “state,” you’ve missed the point.
  • A baseball player cannot “think” about hitting a baseball. It happens too fast. You can’t “think” about entering the field of Awareness. As soon as you think about it, it is gone
  • Instead of meditating, try concentrating on one object without any distraction.
  • Navy SEAL Progression: 1. Balance the body through breath control training. 2. Concentrate – Keep your attention on that thing. 3. Visualization 4. Scan your environment and choose the next target (be aware of what’s going on, don’t get distracted by the next shiny thing).
  • Visualization enhances motor performance (Throwing darts, shooting foul shots, putting golf ball). If you don’t have any experience with the sport, visualization doesn’t help at all. If you have experience with the sport, you can get a modest degree of change improvement with visualization.

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