On Slipping Up

Anyone who has tried to change has experienced a slip up.

We set big dreams and layout the vision we want to live for new bodies, businesses, relationships. And then it doesn’t go according to plan.

The easy choice is dangled in front of our face, and, sometimes, we take it.

It’s an off day.

The real questions becomes…

What do you do when you slip up? What do you do when you have an off day?

Because what you do after it doesn’t go according to plan is probably more important than anything else.

Here’s what has worked for me…

  1. Recognize the slip-up. You didn’t fulfill your potential in this instance. That’s okay. The first step toward getting better is recognizing it – not hiding from it. You can only attempt to fix the mistake after you’ve recognized it.
  2. Ask why. If you don’t replay the day, you’ll never figure out how to avoid the same situation tomorrow. Think about what got you off track? Why didn’t you fulfill your potential? Was there something you could have done better?
  3. Forgive yourself for it. Holding onto negative thoughts about your performance from yesterday will hurt your journey tomorrow. Let it go. As hard as that may sound, ask yourself: what can you control right now? You can set yourself up to be in the best position to dominate tomorrow.
  4. Get back on the horse tomorrow. Everyone has an off day here and there – even the best. One is a slip-up. But two in a row is a choice.

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