How To Build Your Morning Routine & Control Your Life Using Linking

I sat down for my daily meditation.

After my mind settled into nothing, I quickly thought of Naval.

I thought about Naval talking to Joe Rogan about meditation. I thought about Naval not doing any speaking engagements, wondering if that gave him more time to focus on his thoughts. I thought about Naval’s 60-day meditation challenge. I thought about what Naval would think about me doing a 10-minute meditation instead of his typical 60-minute session.

As I was watching myself think, I laughed.

It was clear I linked Naval to meditation.


This was an interesting insight.

Because if I linked Naval to meditation, what else am I linking together? And how I can purposely link things together for my own benefit to produce greater habits and a stronger life?

What Is Linking?

On the Internet, links are used to connect one site to the next. Most webpages link to others, which can create an endless “rabbit hole” for you to explore on the Internet.

Weirdly enough, our mind does this too.

Our mind has one thought (one webpage) which takes us to another thought (another webpage). This leads us to think about something new (a separate webpage). All of a sudden, we’ve played telephone to the point where we’re thinking of something completely unrelated to that first thought.

We are linking all the time.


In action, it might look like this:

*Checks phone* Wow, nobody texted me. I guess nobody is thinking of me. I guess nobody likes me. I guess I’m lonely. I guess I’m going to die alone.

Yes, it sounds crazy, when it’s written out.

But this is what our mind does. Sometimes you’re in a loop you didn’t start and can’t control.

It’s because our mind is always looking for links.

Morning Routine

If you can link positive habits together in the morning, you can start your day on the right foot. Then, after your Morning Routine is over, you can start linking positive thoughts together instead of negative ones. This creates a chain that could lead you down a completely different day which can lead you to a different week, to a month, to a different year, to a different life.

I could get lost in social media all day.

I was conditioned to was check my notifications and text messages first thing in the morning. I’ve since learned this puts me in a reactive state to start the day.

My mind is ready to attach to any thought loop and go down that rabbit hole in the morning. So why not make those thoughts positive and empowering?

Here’s another reason for a Morning Routine: We have been least influenced by the world around us when we wake up. You haven’t spent any time on social media, listening to your friends, or watching the news. This means you can effectively brainwash yourself. And it’s important to do so by linking the morning together.

Linking the Morning Together

Professional athletes warm-up for games. If your life is a game, why wouldn’t you want to prime yourself for it?

Not only does a Morning Routine help us link together positive day, it also helps us complete the Morning Routine itself.

I’ve created some useful links that help me create the type of day I want to create. Feel free to use these, disregard them, or enjoy them:

Waking up in the morning to drinking water.

When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I often realize is… “Damn, I’m thirsty.” My phone is in a different room (if it was available for me to grab, I would). That water brings some life back into me. It wakes me up a little bit. But, I’m still not fully there.

That first sip to Wim Hof breathing.

Wim Hof breathing is awesome. It takes about 10-15 minutes and it really wakes me up. After I’ve completed my Wim Hof breathing, I’ve convinced myself the only appropriate task to do is meditate.

Wim Hof breathing to meditation

Meditation stills the mind (similar to Wim Hof breathing) and allows me to watch my brain work for 10-20 minutes. Tapping into nothingness is key to create anything.

Meditation to visualization

Visualization primes your mind to experience the world you would like to see. There’s a reason why visualization is so common amongst the world’s most successful people. It’s because it works.


These all take about 30-45 minutes. I only need to wake up and drink water to set this whole process in motion, because I’ve linked one routine to the next. The less thinking, the better.

Links To Create

Linking is an excellent way to control your morning, but it’s not the only time you can use it to your advantage. You can use it throughout the day to maximize your enjoyment from life.

Walking through doors to high energy – I got this one from Tej Dosa. Think about how many doors you walk through throughout the day – whether it be your bedroom, bathroom, or front door. If you linked “high energy” to walking through these doors, how much brighter would your life experience be? It’s simple and effective.

Brushing your teeth to a personal affirmation – Post a personal affirmation on the mirror to your bathroom, that way you’re guaranteed to see it at least twice daily.

Hot beverage to writing – I’m currently working on my writing habit. So, it’s helpful to have a trigger. I’ve settled with a coffee or tea. If I have one of these in my hand, it reminds me that it’s time to write.

Links to Destroy

Waking up to checking my phone – As previously discussed, this link was a potent one because it set me up to experience the day someone else wanted me to have. Now I use my phone as a tool to reward myself after having completed what I was supposed to for the day.

Checking my phone within an hour of bed – For years, I’ve had trouble with my sleep. One of the reasons why, is my mind goes seemingly endless thought loops. This is likely because I’ve put so much stuff into my brain.

Opening web browser to social media – One of my least helpful habits I have is immediately typing in “tw” for or “fa” for or “gm” for These have happened over time. In order to help myself with these links, I’m currently playing around with the app called Freedom. Freedom can block websites and apps you don’t want to use for set amounts of time. I have blocked a bunch of sites I use to procrastinate. Occasionally, it blocks a useful research link I might want to check out, but so far it’s saved me far more often than it hurt me.

The point is to notice if you do anything often, you can use that opportunity to improve your life in some way by linking.


We have so many links throughout the day. If you practice the art of watching your mind think (meditation), you can potentially pick up on these and make the necessary adjustments.

A good clue is when you ask yourself: “Wow, where did all that time go?”

As algorithms have gotten stronger to keep you on platforms, it’s important – more than ever – to use your own links to create the day you want to create.

This is about recapturing your life to make sure you’re living the way you want to be living.

If you don’t control your life, someone else will.

P.S. If you have any useful links to share, drop them down below!

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