In Progress: Phase 3 (Live Hard Program)

Phase 3 of the Live Hard Program is 30 days of the following:

  • Progress photo
  • 2 workouts (1 outside)
  • 10 pages reading (nonfiction or self-help book)
  • 1 gallon water
  • Clean diet (no alcohol, soft drinks, junk food)
  • 5 minute cold shower
  • 10 minutes visualization
  • 3 additional Power List tasks (Power List is a To-Do List)
  • 1 conversation with stranger
  • 1 random act of kindness

This is the culmination of the Live Hard Program. Before Phase 3, I completed 75 HARD, Phase 1, and Phase 2.


8/17 (Day 1) – Checking off everything you need to do is a magical feeling.

8/18 (Day 2) – The momentum you build on this program is something special. When every action you take throughout the day is in alignment with who you want to be, you are winning the game of life.

8/19 (Day 3) – Poor sleep last night (elevated resting heart rate, increased body temp.). Doesn’t matter. CAN’T STOP ME. Day by day, in every way, I am getting better and better.

8/20 (Day 4) – Keep pushing, keep going, keep building!!

8/21 (Day 5) – Put a lot on my plate. Ate it all. NEXT.

8/22 (Day 6) – Saturday night, dusted off the jump rope. Lotta fun. While the enemy is sleeping/relaxing/partying? Our foot is still on the gas pedal. This program is a damn pleasure.

8/23 (Day 7) – Morning walk set the tone for the rest of the day. Be the light that makes someone’s day shine a little bit brighter.

8/24 (Day 8) – Bringing this energy to every moment…

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