A Letter To My Brother On His 22nd Birthday

Dear Max,

Happy birthday!

I want to take some time to discuss the past few months…

You have inspired me, we have grown closer, and I’m incredibly grateful for your presence. To watch you develop has been an honor and a privilege. I will always cherish this summer.

Let’s take some time to recap…

It all started with your comedy show. You typically put it on at school, but COVID-19 had other plans. To be able to help you in some small way gave me a firsthand look at your work ethic, your wit, and your willingness to work to get a result. Your commitment to ensuring the tiniest details were correct was inspiring and will stick with me forever.

After that, you were looking for your next challenge.

Of course, I had my own suggestion…

Do 75 HARD.

But instead of saying “yes” right away… You considered it, brought in consultants (mainly Mom), and tried to figure out how you would be able to make it work. A less thoughtful individual would have jumped right into the program without thinking twice about it. But you planned it out.

Also, along the same lines, you have shown me what it means to be a student.

You have dived into reading and learning. Your workouts have been difficult and your questions thought-provoking. You have taken up meditation, yoga, a morning routine.

It hasn’t been all smooth sailing though…  

On Day 23, you forgot to take your progress photo. But instead of wasting time feeling sorry for yourself, you got right back on the horse.

This was amazing.

How many people would have quit?

Next time you face a setback, think of this situation and how you handled yourself. Your resilience is certainly something I will think of often.

Throughout it all, you have also shown me what it means to be a leader. Obviously, you have led yourself by focusing on your own growth (highlighted above). But you have also led Carline to incredible heights – new demo calls, clients, interns seemingly every day.

These past few months have been some of the most fulfilling over my entire life because I got the chance to work with you to improve yourself.

I won’t always be by your side though.

So, if you ever need a quick pick-me-up, think about what you have achieved already…

From frail to jacked. From Facebook addict to consistent reader. From Rookie to CEO (okay, maybe COO).

Let your own growth serve as the inspiration for the road ahead.

To your success,


P.S. I’m sure you’ll find some edits to this letter like you do for Tuesday Treasure every week. 🙂

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