25 Lessons From 25 Trips Around The Sun

Today, I turn 25.

Here are some lessons I’ve learned, forgotten, and learned again. I hope they are helpful to you in some small way in your own journey.

1. Love. If there’s one lesson you read from this entire thread, let it be to love. Love everything. Love your friend, love your enemies, love your emotions (even the negative ones). Maybe it sounds too simple. But it’s been the path for me. Try it out for a day or two?

2. Discipline = freedom. If you have the discipline to learn, you have the freedom to use knowledge. If you have the discipline to save money, you have the freedom to spend it. If you have the discipline to workout, you have the freedom to move your body.

3. You can change. There are two primary reasons why we do not change: (1) We believe the journey will be long and difficult (2) We believe if we try, it won’t be worth it. But start as soon as possible. It *is* worth it… It is always worth it.

4. Your life impacts more than just you... So treat your life like it matters. You have the potential to change every person’s life you come across – even if it’s just in a small way. Workout often. Make conversation with strangers. Be a force of good.

5. Be a clear thinker. If it’s your goal to be a clear thinker, there are a number of decisions that have been made for you: A clear thinker:

  • Exercises
  • Reads
  • Writes
  • Doesn’t rely on alcohol

6. A peaceful mind is worth more than anything. A peaceful mind allows you to come to each interaction in the present moment. The simplest way I’ve found to achieve it is a daily meditation practice. If you’ve never done it, set a timer for 15 minutes and make it a habit.

7. Meditation, visualization, and affirmations actually work. For a long time, I thought all three of these were nonsense. And I still do not know exactly *how* they work. But I do know that I’ve used them to become a different person. So maybe they will work for you too?

8. Do hard stuff. When we get too comfortable, our body and mind start to deteriorate. If you think life is too easy, purposely make it more difficult. Go for a difficult run. Be consistent for an extended period of time. Challenge yourself daily.

9. Lift weights. Everybody possesses the ability to get stronger. Lifting weights proves it. For a long time, I put it off because I am naturally weak. But it doesn’t matter how weak you are or aren’t. Get after it.

10. Walk outside. Walking makes you more creative, connects you to nature, and can solve your problems. Alone, walks provide the answer to my deepest questions. With friends/family, walks provide great bonding time and insights. Leave the phone at home.

11. Do yoga. I have no idea how I existed in this world before doing yoga. Yoga releases stress, centers your mind, and stretches your limbs. An incredible natural medicine.

12. Your phone is out to get you. This little piece of hardware is designed to be as addicting as possible, robbing your attention and sometimes even your sleep. It can be used for good. It can be used for bad. The key is to not be a slave to the device.

13. Cultivate present moment focus. This is difficult. Especially when everything (and everyone) is vying for your attention. But it’s probably the most worthwhile skill you can have in the 21st century. How do you cultivate it? Again, meditation.

14. Have a vision for your gravestone. Sounds morbid. But this helps gives every action meaning. It helps give your entire life purpose. Here’s what I want my gravestone to read:

Daniel Miranda 1995 – ????

Made The World Happier, Healthier, and Wiser

15. It’ll take twice as long as you think it will. Doesn’t matter if it’s a small errand or a big project. We have a bias toward thinking we can accomplish it quicker than we think it will take. But that’s okay. If it’s a worthwhile mission, the time it takes doesn’t matter.

16. Focus on what you can control. What you can’t control:

  • The weather
  • How a stranger looked at you as you passed them
  • The stock market.

What you can control:

  • Your effort
  • Your willingness to show up
  • Your consistency

Put the spotlight on the internal.

17. You are not your thoughts, ideas, or beliefs. When we associate our identity with our thoughts, we can become hurt when someone disagrees with them. But why? They’re just thoughts. They have no attachment to you.

18. Consistency is a skill. The ability to be consistent even when:

  • It doesn’t work out…
  • You don’t feel like it…
  • All the signs are telling you not to…

…is a skill. If you’re not consistent, you can improve it. If you are consistent, be proud of your skill.

19. Have a checklist for today. It’ll give you a sense of empowerment over your day and keep you on track. It will also serve as a report for what you accomplished and can be helpful to look back on. Don’t forget to put something easy on it to build momentum.

20. Accountability is underrated. Human beings do not want to change. But we *will* change if someone is watching us, monitoring us, and pushing us. Especially if we respect that person. So go find yourself an accountability buddy today.

21. If you want to be something, just do it today. If you want to be a runner, run. If you want to be a writer, write. If you want to be an entrepreneur, sell. You’re only what you desire to be if you actually do it.

22. The little stuff is actually the big stuff. Cleaning your room. Washing your car. Doing that one last set in a grueling workout. When you treat these small actions with care, you’re letting yourself know that everything attached to your name is of high quality.

23. It’s not personal. People’s reactions to you are so often just a mirror of how they’re feeling at any given time. It’s not about you. It’s a reflection of their internal state.

24. Do your best. In everything you do, try your hardest – but no harder. It seems like an obvious point… and yet, we so often leave progress on the table because we fail to give it our best shot or we try *too* hard.

25. Be compassionate and open-minded. This is the key. You can only help someone if you’re willing to listen. You can only learn more if you’re open to it. Both require empathy to understand new perspectives, even if you have no experience with them.

Thank you for reading. I may have completed 25 trips around the sun, but I still know very little. But I know if I can follow the list above, I’ll be a happier person. Maybe you too? If you enjoyed this thread, you’ll also enjoy my weekly newsletter – Tuesday Treasure.

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