25 Hours A Day by Nick Bare Notes & Summary


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A quick and fun read. You’ll get a look into what Ranger School and starting his business were actually like.

  • People are wired in one of two ways: either your body controls your mind (“that’s painful, I’m going to stop”) or your mind controls your body (“I can keep pushing through a momentary feeling of discomfort”). This is a mindset Nick believes you can change.
  • Is it hurt or injured?
  • “I had this surreal feeling, an out-of-body experience where I was watching myself walk from outside of myself. And then, in the midst of the most bone-deep misery and exhaustion I’d ever had, things suddenly became very clear to me. I became super aware of what I was doing and how I felt. I’d reached a point of no return with my body, but my mind took over and gave me some control over the situation.” This sounds like meditation/Awareness
  • Keep your sights set on YOUR goals.
  • People will have more credentials than you in a competitive environment. You can get around this by doing more shitty things to make yourself a stronger person. AKA embrace the suck.
  • Struggle adds depth to your story and also creates strength
  • Never let yourself think you’ve made it. You’re never really there
  • Nick’s company’s competitive advantage is they are transparent about everything – from how the product gets made to filming behind the scenes on YouTube
  • No Plan B
  • “I’m going to make this work no matter what”
  • Discipline takes over when you start to feel sorry for yourself.
  • Be proactive rather than reactive, you’ll never make it to number one if you’re constantly following the footsteps of first, second, and third place
  • Natural gifts can be a curse because it can mean not working as hard as someone who doesn’t have as much natural talent to begin with.
  • Whenever you feel like you didn’t get something you thought you deserved, remember all the people who have it way worse than you
  • When things are running smoothly, it worries Nick… it means they’re not pushing the envelope enough
  • He aims to be the guy that stays calm when everyone loses their mind
  • “I’m going all-in on this shit. I’m making this work, whether I die with it or whatever.”
  • “When I go a long period of where nothing hurts, where there’s no stress – whether physical or mental – I start to go a little nuts”
  • “The only hell I’m afraid of is, when I die, the man I ended up as… meets the man I could have been” – Tucker Max
  • TACTIC: Spends a part of each day planning out how the next 12 weeks will go (practice instilled through the army)
  • If you’re not learning one new thing a day, you’re not growing/getting better
  • “Remember, problems are good” (Post: Why A Holocaust Survivor & Navy SEAL Share The Same Mindset)
  • Tiny heart moments à the moment you start making excuses for yourself, that’s when you need to make the conscious decision to not only do what you said you were going to do, but go one more
  • “If you can go external and pull yourself away from that inner struggle, you’ll find yourself achieving things you never thought possible” Sounds spiritual
  • We’re trained as children to crave comfort and to avoid pain. Which means we’re never working at capacity.
  • If it were easy, anyone could do it. The difficulties of a journey mean you’ve chosen something special, something worth the time and effort.

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