14 Tips on Sleep From An Awful Sleeper

Sleeping is something we do for a third of our entire life. So let’s think about the ways we can do it better:

  1. No phone/laptop in the bedroom. Make your bed strictly for sleep and sex.
  2. Have a routine before bed. This lets your mind know it’s time go to sleep. Journal, shower, stretch… it doesn’t really matter so long as it is consistent and your phone isn’t involved.
  3. No phone/laptop within two hours of bed. Give your mind time to wind down and close the loops on open text and email conversations.
  4. No caffeine after noon. Because caffeine has a half-life of ~6 hours, you need to give yourself time for it to wind down. This means if you have a 200mg cup of coffee at 2 PM, there still will be roughly 50-75mg in your system when you’re trying to go to sleep at night.
  5. No more than two cups per day. This is dependent on the individual but this is a rule I like to follow. If I have more than two cups of coffee in a given day, not only will it make my energy levels look like a rollercoaster, it will also make it more difficult for me to sleep.
  6. Exercise throughout the day.
  7. Make the room as dark as possible. Consider a sleep mask if you can’t install blackout shades or make your room any darker.
  8. 65–70°F (20°C).
  9. Stretch before bed. Even a quick five minute stretch can make the world of a difference.
  10. Stick to the same bedtime and wake up time – even on weekends. This is difficult in the modern world. But it’s a great way to get your body in a routine.
  11. When you wake up, go outside or see the sun. This is a great way to let your body know its morning. If you wake up but don’t go outside or see the sun until the afternoon, your body is going to be confused.
  12. Be weary of alcohol usage. Even one glass of wine or drink can increase your resting heart rate throughout the night which will lower the quality of your sleep.
  13. BreatheRight Nose Strips. These have decreased nasal congestion upon waking up. Highly recommended.
  14. Play Tetris. To be fair, I’ve never used this one. But Tim Ferriss recommended it, so that’s good enough for me.

It should go without saying, but these are the tips and tricks that work for me. Our bodies and minds are all slightly different.

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