10 Takeaways From Meditating 60 Minutes For 60 Days Straight

Yesterday, I finished @naval‘s 60 minutes for 60 days meditation challenge. Here are 10 takeaways:

1. Nobody can tell you anything about meditation. Sitting with your thoughts (or in nothingness) will be a different experience for everyone. So while that pretty much disregards the rest of this thread, I’m going to do my best to explain some of the benefits/what I learned.

2. More in touch with nature. All my life, I never cared about the world around us. I appreciated a nice sunset or a pretty view, but I wasn’t all too interested in our surroundings. This all changed 1-2 weeks after starting this challenge. Birds/bees/trees became fascinating.

3. A sense of oneness and love toward everything. Most of my life I was angry. Mainly upset at myself, taken out on others. But since starting this challenge, I felt love for everything. I routinely give family members hugs for no reason. Smiling ear to ear. Spreading love.

4. 60 minutes > 20 minutes. In the 20-minute sessions, I would sometimes feel like I was just getting into the flow when the timer would go off. During the 60-minute sessions, I uncovered root issues and thoughts I didn’t even know were in the back of my mind.

5. Let go. I had never done a 60-minute session before this challenge. So it was difficult at first. But the words that came up over and over again were “Let go.” Cliche? Yeah. But helpful.

6. Present moment awareness. To be comfortable in your own skin. To feel you can make a mistake and be okay with it. To be an authentic version of yourself. To not judge yourself or others. To have gratitude and appreciation for everything. This is present moment awareness.

7. Meditation and psychedelics? Spoke to two different friends who did mushrooms and LSD in the past 2 months. Their insights, thoughts, and takeaways were curiously similar to the ones listed above. Is there a link between the two?

8. Deep conversations. I’ve always been a proponent of deep conversations. But meditating every day made me want to ask deeper questions than the typical “how’s your day?” to friends/family. For example, I recorded an interview with my grandpa and learned more about his life.

9. First thing in the morning. I found that it was helpful to do my session immediately after waking up. My mind was fresh and my monkey mind couldn’t come up with any excuses.

10. The start of a lifelong habit? I can’t imagine how I survived in this crazy world before this challenge. Many days, I added a second hour before bed. What started as a struggle turned into something that was crucial for my own sanity.

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